Workshop/Seminar #5: Creative Economy. Performing the Gender

Category: Pedagogies

Thursday 27 - Friday 28 June

 Thursday 15.00-18.30- Friday 12.00 -15.30

Department of Architecture, 1st Floor, Patari Metaptixiakou


On Thursday 27 June and Friday 28 June 2019, in the Centre of New Media & Feminist Public Practice, the fifth seminar/workshop of the programme will focus on the Creative Economy and performances of the gender.

Seminar: Immaterial Work. Open work. In the literature regarding precarious and informal labour and the labour of care, within which the wider context of post-fordist production is understood, there is a shortage in bringing together, interlinking, gender with sex or gender with ethnicity and with class and class struggles. This seminar brings forth the inextricable relationship between women, especially young women, with the post-fordist production and their role in the emergence of urban cultural industries. We are looking for a historical perspective of the "small actions" of women of previous feminist generations, which have attempted to link creation to political action, which one could call "social enterprises", and to reflect on their prospects today. 


Workshop: How we train in multi-tasking, in techniques and strategies of reversal from flexible and precarious workwomen to rightful professionals?