Reading Group #2: Peggy Zali-Panagiotis Lianos

Category: Pedagogies

Thursday 18 June 2020 at 18.00-21.00


Περιγραφή: On Thursday 18 June, we organise our second online reading group. Peggy Zali and Panagiotis Lianos will present their ongoing project Hollowceneman: The Trap. The artists collected texts produced during a three-month period in which systemic restrictive rules were implemented in order to limit the spread of the virus. These texts were used to “train” a text-based algorithm, which is based on machine-learning technology and recent developments in the field of Natural Language Processing, in order to produce a new text. This new text, following editing, will, in turn, produce the lyrics of Hollowceneman: The Trap, a rap/trap music track.  Following instructions provided by the artists, participants of the Reading Group will be part of an online workshop focusing on the selection criteria of these texts and the methodology adopted in order to transform these texts into the rap/trap lyrics of a piece of music. Hollowceneman: The Trap derives from collective research undertaken together with Kostis Damoulakis, Domna Degaita and Elias Mokas.