Residence: Times in Remote Space. Elpida Karaba in conversation with Anna Konjenzky

Category: Theories

Elpida Karaba in conversation with Anna Konjenzky-Nomadic Academy

Residence:Times in Remote Space

5 Νοεμβρίου 2020


Anna Konjetzky, researcher, choreographer  in conversation with Elpida Karaba, art theorist, curator, Head of Research of the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices  in the remote residency platform of VeiculoSur.


VeiculoSur  works on the idea of a displacement from south to north. The platform is an invitation to approach the economic, social, political and artistic contexts of the respective place and to get to know the ways in which local artists work and produce their art. In this way, different forms of creation and production are brought into dialogue. Seeking to relativize the concept of a “north” as a point of orientation, other models of artistic creation and production are developed, producing new, diverse “norths” beyond geo-political.


The conversation, will circulate around the working methods of the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices, improvising on the ways that situated knowledge, public space, feminist methodologies and aesthetic techniques can critically examine and challenge dominant and hegemonic narratives, on the ‘undoing of the glossary’ about gendered bodies, violence, precariousness, on undoing orthodoxies such as ‘north’, which can be perceived literally as well as metonymically, on how ‘ "we  learn to be affectfully motivated" through the dissolution and transformation of information.