Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices: Artistic techniques of the expanded field

Category: Theories

Journal Feministiqa, issue 3

Κέντρο Νέων Μέσων και Φεμινιστικών Πρακτικών στον Δημόσιο Χώρο: Αισθητικές τεχνικές διευρυμένου πεδίου


Elpida Karaba

The article focuses on the work of the Centre of New Media and Feminist Public Practices. Addressing the position of art, feminist history and theory of art and the relationship to the globalised technological era, is a political stance. The text is divided into two parts. The first part presents the work produced at the Centre and the methodologies and theories developed by the research and curatorial team around art production in the contemporary digital and post-digital condition. In particular it presents the results of a workshop organized by the visual artist and performer Vassileia Stylianidou and the project  ‘WordMord’. It focuses at the different methodologies and approaches that were activated, some of them more familiar to the participants and some less, which ranged from image and discourse analysis, multimodal narratives and forensic analysis, to the occurrence of an art re-enactment, where, is tried out, in a new materialist approach, the ‘transcorporeality’ between subjects and objects, the permeability between humans and others things, with which it is enmeshed. The second part presents the work of the Centre for the establishment of a digital ‘relational archive’ of local cultural feminist, institutional, extra-institutional and activist initiatives and the  methodology developed for the formulation of a dynamic, self-determined and interrelated archive of feminist cultural practices and actions. The main question posed in the article is how the diverse practices that are developed and researched at the Centre, can produce new feminist aesthetic techniques in the ‘expanded field’ of cognitive capitalism, of the anthropocene and the post-digital and post-human condition.