Hollowceneman: The Trap

Category: Practices

[Aggelos Akritidis, Vasilis Barbinis, Kostis Damoulakis, Domna Degaita, Paulo Doda, Alexandros Economou, Panagiotis Lianos, Ilias Mokas, Vasilis Zacharakopoulos, Pegy Zali]

Video HD with sound, 02:48

The group has collected texts that were written during the three months of systemic restrictive rules to limit the spread of the virus. The texts outline the characteristics of the dominant discourse on gender, work, nature, technology, body, health, etc. and suggest ways of resistance that emerge from the logic of emotions and the poetry of exclusion. These texts were used to train a text production algorithm. The "new text" that emerged, after being commonly edited, constitutes the lyrics of the rap / trap music track.

The video clip is a hybrid of lore and data collection. Filmed at Attica, on two hills where according to myths extraterrestrial equipment is hidden, but also in the digital ether with a hermaphrodite body without organs, a body without a face, being the protagonist. Trigonomouri: The Trap is about the rational structures of digital and analog dominant discourse which create and maintain dichotomies while through non-formal and informal practices studies their cracks.

* Brackets [] is a method of forming fluid collaborations within the cracks of institutional contemporary art. We do not separate or organise work through hierarchy ,we commonly create conditions for things to happen and challenge individual artistic authorship through collective & participatory acts. Instantiated by Panayotis Lianos and Pegy Zali