Gendered Aesthetic Techniques and Neo Materialist Prospects. Video-Performance: Word╬ťord By Franck Lee Alli_Tis aka Vasiliea Stylianidou

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Entanglments Journal 

Gendered Aesthetic Techniques and Neo Materialist Prospects


Elpida Karaba

The case study of the work WordMord by Vasileia Stylianidou aka Frank Lee which is presented in the paper, is an examination of how we can understand feminist art as an active part of cognitive capitalism, where knowledge becomes the focal point of power relations. Artistic techniques could be a reverse, affective knowledge to this power.  The art work of Frank Lee is part of artworks which were developed at the CNMFPP, as case-study-narratives using various artistic methods, multimodal methodological tools and strategies, spanning from lecture, video, archiving, workshops, as interchangeable formats, traversing the physical, the virtual, the technological, the digital and the post-digital condition.  The practice of Sytlianidou works in the expanded field (to use a term from the art history genealogy) which in this case, expands from subjects, to objects and to bots, from tangible to networked, from physical, to virtual, and from real to imaginary, acting as implements for political post-digital affect and sensibility in the cognitive globalized economy of the artworlds today. His and the cases we develop at the CNMFPP are technoaesthetic practices which aim to bring forth new contents and instruments for reformulating not only the aesthetic production but public domain itself, addressing both the affective and the very material conditions of such practices.