Dilated methodologies of techno-aesthetics in Valia’s Papastamou research and artistic work

Category: Pedagogies


Valia Papastamou, Elpida Karaba

The workshop focuses on the diverse methodologies undertaken  at the Center for New Media and Feminist Public Practices for the production of artwork and discousre in the interconnection of art to  other fields such as technology, feminism, activism, political thought, education. Through the example of Valia Papastamou's research and artistic work, questions are raised about the dilation of archiving, mapping, recording and storytelling methodologies for the development of a dynamic expanded cultural field that interferes symbolically and pragmatically the critical issues concerning the formation of language, the activation of historical consciousness and political action and participation in relation to issues of gender, race, class, of their voicing, representations and presence within the public sphere. In the expanded methodology, the technological assemblies of the formations show multiple deletions and the gaps produced as differences between them, within the mosaic, become critical for the decompression of the communication. They are reminiscent of vacuoles, the gaps, the in and outs for which Deleuze writes where a 'speech hijack' must occur through the creation of 'noncommunication vacuoles’ 'circuit breakers' in order to escape control.


The workshop is programmed to continue (fall/winter 2021-22) with peer group meeting in order to develop furhter the idea of a dilated methodology.