Care Ecologies - Collaborative project

Category: Practices

With Care at the forefront of conversations internationally, Care Ecologies focuses on the need to collectively rethink the rules and processes of cultural making, while establishing close cooperation among artists, curators, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through transdisciplinary programs.

Over the next two years, we will work closely to create opportunities for the movement of cultural professionals and the promotion of contemporary art among domestic and international art audiences, fostering a robust relationship between contemporary artistic practices and social space, through research, residences, exhibitions, and workshops.

The program is a collaboration of five partners Mamidakis Foundation (Greece), WHW (Croatia), State of Concept (Greece) and Idensitat(Spain) and ourselves. 

The CNMFPP has undertaken to edit the publication of the program. The publication will be an autonomous reading which will include material from the actions that took place during the duration of the program and texts that will create a context, surrounding, on the issue of care and its appropriation by the cultural industry. The publication aims to be a useful reading on culture, appropriation, institutional critique, reflection, (soft and strong) languages, critical pedagogies and resistance involving around the issues of care (overexposure) and exhaustion.