SPECIAL ISSUE PRESENTATION: Feminism in Greece of #metoo: The Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research and the Center for New Media and Feminist Practices in Public Space talk about the present of a movement that will never be overcome

Category: Theories

Interview of Elpida Karaba to the chief editor of Athinorama Despoina Zefkili. (in Greek only)

.The special issue of athinorama magazine is dedicated in feminist initiatives in the cultural field in Greece. It extensively presents the activities of the Center for New Media and Feminist Public Practices and the Feminist Autonomous Center in a substantive conversation about the past of feminism, the present and the future starting from the current local condition extending to intersecting experiences and activities.

ΑΦΙΕΡΩΜΑ: Φεμινισμός στην Ελλάδα του #metoo